Elevated real estate photography offers a unique outlook creating a real ‘X’ factor.

We deliver amazing images that reveal the scale, location and adjoining areas of a property.

Ideal for larger homes, property with views, waterfront locations, Commercial & Industrial property, Hotels & Resorts, acreage property, Golf Courses, land, landscapes, and much more.

We use an innovative portable & vehicle mounted photography mast that can be extended to heights of up to 20 metres. Fitted with a special digital camera which can be rotated and tilted via remote control, images are viewed and captured via a laptop below. Using specifically developed software provides full control of all camera functions including zoom, shutter speed and depth of field to ensure perfect imaging.

We are also able to capture images that may not otherwise be possible. Such as homes obscured by trees or other obstacles, homes on steep slopes, etc.

This type of elevated photography is far more economical than other methods such as aerial photography.


Virtual tours give 3 dimensions to a regular still photo. The tour gives the illusion of being inside the room they can explore the surroundings and control what they see.


It is a well proven fact that twilight images receive much more attention on website hits as properties shot in the day. A twilight image is often more emotive and instinctively makes the browser want to see more..


Photographs that zoom in and out with music

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